Service You Can Count On

Our Services

Commitment to Quality

Midwest DermPath® is a patient centered dermatopathology laboratory. All specimens are handled by highly skilled and experienced technologists and pathologists using state of the art equipment. 

Diagnostic Services

Our job is to provide you with a complete, accurate, error free, and informative diagnostic report so you can make an informed decision in the management of your patients. Our highly informative and complete diagnostic reports are rendered only by experienced and board certified dermatopathologists. 

Fast Report Dispatch

We offer a secure online provider access to all reports as well as direct EHR transfer, facsimile, courier delivery, postal mail, or a combination of these. At their discretion, providers are notified immediately by the pathologist on all melanomas and other critical malignancies.

Extended Services

We will forward specialized services including gene rearrangement studies  to reputable specialized laboratories. Complex cases requiring expert consultations are sent to nationally renowned experts.

Specimen Pickup and Transport

Specimens are picked up daily at the providers location by our drivers or by a FedEx Overnight delivery logistics. We strive to ensure the pick-up and transport process is safe, seamless, professional, and efficient in coordination with the provider’s office.